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Milan, 1998. State road (SS36 – Nuova Valassina) connects the city to Lecco and Sondrio. Under Berengar's reign, Monza enjoyed a certain degree of independence: it had its own system of weights and measures, and could also seize property and mark the deeds with their signatures. Top left: Monza Cathedral; top right: aerial view of Autodromo Nazionale di Monza Circuit; centre left: Royal Villa, centre right: Caduti Monument; bottom left: park of the Villa Reale Palace; bottom right: Expiatory chapel. Among the projects was the bifurcation of the River Lambro (the "Lambretto" branch) and the construction of a castle, the third in Monza. Monza also hosts a Department of the University of Milan Bicocca, a Court of Justice and several offices of regional administration. L’originale è conservato nel protocollo informatico dell’Ufficio XI di Monza al nr. Though the interior has suffered changes, there is a fine relief by Matteo da Campione representing a royal Lombard coronation, and some 15th-century frescoes with scenes from the life of Theodelinda. Biographic Dictionary of Italians. The Monzesi asked for the restoration of all the treasures taken by the French. Il Duomo di Monza, 1300–2000, VII Centenary of foundation. m_pi.AOOUSPMB.REGISTRO UFFICIALE.U.0009713.13-10-2020. Tenga il resto - contro lo spreco alimentare, Piano Triennale di Prevenzione della Corruzione e della Trasparenza. The circuit's biggest event is the Italian Grand Prix.With the exception of the 1980 running, the race has been hosted there since 1949. Monza subsequently regained its autonomy, which was not limited to the feudal government of lands and goods; the archpriest of Monza was confirmed the authority on the clergy of his church (year 1150). This historical period is a season of rebirth of the city, with a considerable development of agriculture and crafts. Itinerari guidati su percorsi inattesi - visite in modalità online. In 2006 Monza hosted the World Cyber Games tournament, and in July 2005 and July 2008, Monza hosted the "International Gran Galà Marching Show Bands" at Stadio Brianteo (with the USA band Blue Devils, 11 times WMSB Champion of the World). Aside from Ferrari, another Italian milestone at the venue was German 21-year old Sebastian Vettel taking his and Italian team Scuderia Toro Rosso's first win in torrential rain in 2008.[8]. In 1900 Monza was the scene of the assassination of King Umberto I by anarchist Gaetano Bresci. Pagina ufficiale del Comune di Monza. Considered by the French as a symbol of aristocratic power, the Royal Villa was destined to demolition. Silvana Ed., 1999. A fortified castrum was constructed to resist the incursions of the Hungarians. In 1325 Galeazzo I Visconti, who conquered the city after a long siege, began the construction of new defences. It included a 42 metres (138 ft) tall-tower, later used as a jail (Forni). Monza railway station is the most important railway junction in the Brianza area. Economy was based on the production of wheat, corn, fodder, potatoes, oats, rye and vegetables in general. To commemorate the spot of the crime, his successor Victor Emmanuel III ordered the construction of an Expiatory Chapel on Via Matteo da Campione. [7], The Italian Grand Prix has been hosted at the Monza circuit in every single year of Formula One (except for 1980) history bar one, and although no Italian has won the race since Ludovico Scarfiotti in 1966, the local support is for the Ferrari team, which has taken many historical wins on the circuit, especially with Michael Schumacher winning five times between 1996 and 2006. Monza is known for its Romanesque-Gothic style Cathedral of Saint John (Duomo). Two-thirds of the gold and silver treasures of the Monza Cathedral were delivered to the mint of Milan, which turned them into coins used for military expenses. The Second World War, between 1940 and 1945, caused several bombings of Monza, with civilian casualties; after the September 1943 Italian Armistice, the area was occupied by the Germans. A 2 km (1 mi) long tunnel has been added and is alleviating traffic problems that are happening in the city. Monza has a typical submediterranean climate of the Po valley, with cool, short winters and warm summers; temperatures are very similar to nearby Milan, averaging 2 °C (36 °F) in January, the coldest month, to about 23 °C (73 °F) in July, the warmest. The fork is known as Lambretto and it rejoins the main course of the Lambro as it exits to the south, leaving Monza through the now demolished ancient circle of medieval walls. Empress Maria Theresa built the Royal Villa of Monza for her son Ferdinand, Governor of Milan (1777–1780). As early as the 12th century, Monza was a fortified place, although the status of free city had changes its economical role. Another source of wealth was the breeding of silkworms. It is the capital of the Province of Monza and Brianza. The river enters Monza from the north, between Via Aliprandi and Via Zanzi streets. Monza (US: /ˈmɒnzə, ˈmoʊnzə, ˈmoʊntsɑː/,[4][5] Italian: [ˈmontsa] (listen); Monzese: Monscia [ˈmũːʃa]; Latin: Modoetia) is a city and comune on the River Lambro, a tributary of the Po in the Lombardy region of Italy, about 15 kilometres (9 miles) north-northeast of Milan. In the 12th century, it is estimated that the city of Monza had about 7,000 inhabitants. Berengar was very generous evident by the donation of numerous works to the Monza Cathedral, including the famous cross, and by giving large benefits to its 32 canons and other churches. The same year, Luchino Visconti and Francesco Garbagnate demolished the walls of Monza to prevent it from defending itself against attacks from the Milanese. The Iron Crown was left provisionally in Monza. The city became the capital of the Province of Monza and Brianza on 11 June 2004. The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza is a historic race track near the city of Monza, north of Milan, in Italy.Built in 1922, it is the world's third purpose-built motor racing circuit after those of Brooklands and Indianapolis. With the development of various activities occurring problems related to traffic and links to nearby towns, especially with Milan. Monza was increasingly linked to events of Milan and shared its history and enemies: in 1255 the city was sacked by the Ghibellines, and in 1259 and Ezzelino III da Romano tried to seize the castle of Monza, but was repelled; the village was set on fire. In 1648, Monza and its territory became the property of the Milanese Durini family. Comune di Monza, Monza. Monzan independence lasted until 1185 when Barbarossa ended the conflict with the Lombard League with the peace of Constance. However, the protests of citizens stopped the process, although the abandonment caused the complex to decay. Frederick declared that Monza was his property and also gave the Curraria (the right to levy customs on the streets), a right usually granted only to royal seats. He was acclaimed Lord of Monza by the people in 1322. Informazioni, notizie ed eventi sulla città e sui servizi. The construction was completed in three years with design by architect Giuseppe Piermarini from Foligno. It is 15 kilometres (9 mi) from the centre of the region's capital, although when considering the cities borders, they are separated by less than 5 km (3 miles). In 1000 Emperor Otto III became the protector of Monza and its possessions: Bulciago, Cremella, Lurago, Locate and Garlate. At the conclusion of the Italian campaign of Napoleon Bonaparte (1796), the Duchy of Milan was acquired first by the French Republic and then entered the Cisalpine Republic (which, in 1802, became the Italian Republic). The Castle of Monza was later expanded to such a degree that it was necessary to demolish the St. Mary of Ingino church as space was needed for new buildings. These years saw a power struggle between the emperor Conrad II, and Aribert. On 26 May 1805, the Iron Crown was in Milan for the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte, who put it on his head, uttering the famous phrase "God gave it to me, woe to anyone who touches it." Nearby is the nunnery in which the Nun of Monza was enclosed in Manzoni's I Promessi Sposi. Monza took part to the Five Days of Milan (22–23 March 1848) Monza, expelling the Austrian garrison. In 1841 the first railway connecting Milan and Monza was inaugurated. The following year, the town was declared a possession of the people of Milan. This is an artificial fork of the river, created for defensive purposes in the early decades of the 14th century. Monza can be reached through the following motorways: A4-E64 (Turin-Milan-Venice), A52 (North Ring of Milan), A51 (East Ring of Milan). During the period of the struggle against Milan and other cities of the Lombard League, Monza was primarily an administrative centre for Barbarossa. At the beginning of the century Monza counted 41,200 inhabitants; in 1911 it was among the eight most industrialised centres of Italy. Theodelinda, daughter of Garibald I of Bavaria and wife of the Lombard king Authari (and later of king Agilulf), chose Monza as her summer residence. When it hosted the Italian motorcycle Grand Prix it saw a double fatal accident for Jarno Saarinen and Renzo Pasolini in 1973 after a pile-up through the dauntingly fast Curva Grande, that has since had significant runoff added to it. In the same year, a mine exploded causing the partial destruction of the Castle of Monza. Monza is the third-largest city of Lombardy and is the most important economic, industrial and administrative centre of the Brianza area, supporting a textile industry and a publishing trade. The frescoed chapel houses the Iron Crown of Lombardy, said to include one of the nails used at the Crucifixion of Jesus. In 1380 Gian Galeazzo Visconti donated the castle to his wife Catherine, who would died there after having been jailed by her son Giovanni Maria (1404). Azzone Visconti allowed the reconstruction of the walls, beginning in 1333 and lasting until 1381. The choice of Monza was due not only to the beauty of the landscape, but also its strategic position and the fact of that it was connected to Vienna as well as for its proximity to Milan. Cinemas include the Sala San Carlo, the AreaOdeon, the Cinema Capitol, the Cinema Metropol and the Cinema Teodolinda. The Duchy of Milan and Monza remained subject to the Spanish crown until the early 18th century. Monza is internationally known for the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza motor racing circuit, home to the Italian Grand Prix usually held in September, and previously to the Alfa Romeo team. But the treasure and the Iron Crown had been transferred to Vienna by the Austrians, and was returned to Monza only after the conclusion of the Third War of Italian Independence (December 1866). Another artificial stream is the Canale Villoresi, which was constructed in the late 19th century. The plague, which struck Monza in 1576 and 1630, caused a profound demographic and economic crisis. Theatre in the city include the Teatro Manzoni, the Teatro Villoresi, the Teatro Binario 7. According to the legend, Theodelinda, asleep while her husband was hunting, saw a dove in a dream that told her: modo (Latin for "here") indicating that she should build the oraculum in that place, and the queen answered etiam, meaning "yes". In 1816 the city returned in the possession of the books of the Treasury and Chapter Library. In 980 Monza hosted Emperor Otto II inside the walled city. The campanile was erected in 1606 to designs by Pellegrino Tibaldi. In April 1329, the condottiero Pinalla Aliprandi regained Monza from the imperial troops. In 1805, the Italian Republic became the Kingdom of Italy with its capital in Milan. AA.VV. 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Agricultural activities were now paired by the production of clothes, while wool processing developed in large farms outside the walls.

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