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... Download the ESLint and Prettier extensions for VSCode. Get code examples like "how to auto indent in visual studio code" instantly right from your google search results with the Grepper Chrome Extension. 这样引入 Prettier 不会影响原有的设置. One key thing that I wanted to change was indentations: I wanted to use 4 spaces for tabs, and adjusted my settings accordingly. Set Editor: Default Formatter to ebsenp.prettier-vscode. // If true, indent lines with tabs " prettier.useTabs ": false, /* VsCode Prettier Specifig Settings */ // Use prettier-eslint instead of prettier. That could be interfering with our formatting. 2. Can you disable Prettier - Code Formatter 5.8.0? We don't read for "editor.tabSize" but "prettier.tabWidth". Du to a limitation in VSCode, you can't put "prettier. Install the ESLint and Prettier libraries into our project. And at the end of every line, I would check for semi-colons and trailing commas. Contribute to prettier/prettier-vscode development by creating an account on GitHub. This extension will use prettier from your project's local dependencies (recommended). I remember when I first started programming, I would count the number of times I pressed the space bar when I wanted to indent on a new line. Should prettier not be installed locally with your project's dependencies or globally on the machine, the version of prettier that is bundled with the extension will be used. 2) 使用 ESLint 与 eslint-plugin-prettier 的结果是最终得到的代码是 充分尊重 Prettier 的结果. Some people (like the creator of Vue) don’t indent to save an indentation level, but this might break code folding in your editor. Whether or not to indent the code inside