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The Italian fleet positioned itself too far to the south, however, and aerial reconnaissance failed to locate the British. [10][11], On 31 August – 2 September 1940, Vittorio Veneto sortied as part of an Italian force of five battleships, ten cruisers, and thirty-four destroyers to intercept British naval forces taking part in Operation Hats and Convoy MB.3, but contact was not made with either group due to poor aerial reconnaissance and no action occurred. 42 talking about this. Some counter flooding of a compartment on the starboard side abreast of the forward-most turret reduced the list by a degree, and she was able to steam under her own power back to port. It is also very pleasant and enjoyable to spend the day walking through the paths in town, … Later that morning another air attack, this time B-24 Liberators from the USAAF, occurred. Sie wurde nach der Schlacht von Vittorio Veneto im Ersten Weltkrieg benannt. [6], Vittorio Veneto was ordered under the 1934 construction program, and was named for the Battle of Vittorio Veneto, a decisive Italian victory over the Austro-Hungarian Empire in October–November 1918 during World War I. Report. The British had intended to mine Livorno and launch an air raid on northern Sardinia, but Italian agents in Spain warned the Regia Marina of the British operation when it departed Gibraltar. 1,492 likes. [17], On the night of 10–11 November, the British Mediterranean Fleet launched an air raid on the harbor in Taranto. 1948 wurde die Vittorio Veneto in Italien verschrottet. September 1943 wurde das Schlachtschiff zusammen mit ihrem Schwesterschiff Italia (ex Littorio) für den Rest des Krieges im Großen Bittersee im Sueskanal interniert. Urge fired a spread of three torpedoes, but only one hit on her port side. 7 Personen sprechen darüber. Vittorio Veneto was decommissioned in 2003. Während der Schlacht bei Kap Matapan erhielt die Vittorio Veneto einen Torpedotreffer durch britische Fairey-Swordfish-Bomber, aufgrund einer Konstruktionsschwäche im Torpedoschutz kam es dabei zu schweren Schäden, welche die Rückkehr des Schlachtschiffs nach Italien erzwangen. Vittorio Veneto, Littorio, four cruisers and twelve destroyers were sent to attack the convoy. Nach dem Ende des Krieges wurde die Vittorio Veneto Großbritannien als Reparation zugesprochen, die Briten verzichteten jedoch auf das Schiff. Die Vittorio Veneto war ein italienisches Schlachtschiff der Littorio-Klasse der Regia Marina im Zweiten Weltkrieg. 4. Vittorio Veneto had a crew of 1,830 to 1,950 over the course of her career. The British launched several air attacks against the Italian fleet in an attempt to slow down Vittorio Veneto, including land-based Blenheim bombers from Greece and Crete. Oktober 1918 bis zum 3. bzw. The three battleships, along with eight destroyers, attempted to intercept Force H on 8 February, which was en route to bombard Genoa. [26] The Italian anti-aircraft gunners shot the plane down after it launched its torpedo. After the war, she was allocated as a war prize to Britain and subsequently broken up for scrap. The main deck was 162 mm (6.4 in) thick in the central area of the ship and reduced to 45 mm (1.8 in) in less critical areas. By the afternoon, Iachino had concluded that he would not reach the convoy before dark, and so he broke off the operation; by then, however, the threat from the Italian battleships had led to the failure of the British operation, as the convoy had been ordered back to Alexandria, and did not reach Malta. Vittorio Veneto was among the Italian ships that were surrendered to the Allies in September 1943 after Italy withdrew from the war, and she spent the following three years under British control in Egypt. [12], Vittorio Veneto returned to Naples on 22 March, and four days later led an attempt to attack British shipping off Greece, in company with eight cruisers and nine destroyers. Condition: New product. [43][45][44], 381-millimeter (15.0 in) 50-caliber Model 1934 guns, "Hrvatska ratna mornarica u obrani Jadrana",, Ships built by Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 'San Marco' Trieste, Cantieri Riuniti dell' Adriatico (C.R.D.A.). In the meantime, engine room personnel were able to restart the starboard shafts and steering could be effected with the backup hand-steering gear. She was paid off on 3 January 1948, stricken from the naval register on 1 February, and subsequently broken up for scrap. Thus, in the 1930s, a battleship was named Vittorio Veneto. Dezember 2020 um 19:08 Uhr bearbeitet. Die Schlacht bei Vittorio Veneto (oder Dritte Piaveschlacht) wurde gegen Ende des Ersten Weltkrieges vom 24. 56 talking about this. [36] The British quickly located the approaching Italian fleet and launched several air strikes early on 15 June with Wellington and Bristol Beaufort bombers in an attempt to prevent them from reaching the convoy. nave vittorio veneto c 550 has 769 members. This coin is issued by Palau in Silver 999. Vittorio Veneto was the second member of the Littorio-class battleship that served in the Italian Regia Marina (Royal Navy) during World War II.The ship's keel was laid down in October 1934, launched in July 1937, and readied for service with the Italian fleet by August 1940. Tipo nave da battaglia Classe Littorio Costruttori C.R.D.A. Vittorio Veneto returned to port while two cruisers and several destroyers were detached to protect Pola; all three cruisers and two destroyers were sunk in a furious night action at very close range with the battleships Valiant, Warspite, and Barham. Follow. Vittorio Veneto (nave da battaglia) battleship. Zustand: Neuer Artikel. Vittorio Veneto was 237.76 meters (780.1 ft) long overall and had a beam of 32.82 m (107.7 ft) and a draft of 9.6 m (31 ft). The Italian gunners quickly returned the guns to action, however, and resumed their bombardment of the British cruisers. Die britische Mittelmeerflotte versuchte zwar vergeblich, die Vittorio Veneto einzuholen, versenkte dabei aber drei Schwere Kreuzer und zwei Zerstörer der Regia Marina. While she was immobilized, a Blenheim bomber dropped a bomb that landed near her stern; the blast caused further, minor damage to stern. The damage forced her to be transferred to Genoa for repair work, since the dockyard in La Spezia had also been damaged by the attack. [19] Vittorio Veneto was undamaged in the attack, but three other battleships were hit, two of which were severely damaged. [12][13][14] In addition, British aerial reconnaissance detected the oncoming Italian fleet and was able to escape. Am 27. [18] The Italian base was defended by twenty-one 90 mm anti-aircraft guns and dozens of smaller 37 mm and 20 mm guns, along with twenty-seven barrage balloons. [12], Repeated British air attacks on Naples, one of which damaged the cruiser Pola, prompted the high command to move Vittorio Veneto and the rest of the major warships of the fleet to Sardinia on 14 December. Playing next. 1942 nahm die Vittorio Veneto an den Kämpfen im Verlauf der britischen Konvoioperation Harpoon teil. Tipo nave da battaglia Classe Littorio Costruttori C.R.D.A. Sie war das erste nach dem Washingtoner Flottenvertrag gebaute Schlachtschiff, das die im Vertrag festgelegte Maximalgröße von 35.000 ts überschritt. Steam was provided by eight oil-fired Yarrow boilers. While en route, the German Luftwaffe (Air Force) attacked the Italian fleet using Dornier Do 217s armed with Fritz X radio-controlled bombs. [40][41], Vittorio Veneto remained in Malta until 14 September, when she and Italia were moved to Alexandria, Egypt and then to the Great Bitter Lake in the Suez Canal on 17 October. [9] She was delivered on 28 April, though she was not yet complete. But instead of hitting the Italian battleship, they struck the cruiser Pola, leaving her dead in the water. 10-nov-2015 - Questo Pin è stato scoperto da Julio Arróspide. Vittorio Veneto, formerly (until 1923) Vittorio, town, Veneto regione, northeastern Italy, located north of Treviso.Formed in 1866 by the union of Serravalle, now the town’s residential northern section, and Ceneda, the industrial southern part, it was named for Victor Emmanuel II.It was the scene in 1918 of the Italians’ decisive defeat of the Austro-Hungarian army. The high-level bombers scored one hit on Littorio and several near misses around her and Vittorio Veneto, but neither ship was seriously damaged. Vittorio Veneto itself is a mine of art history treasures, and it is, at the same time, the most convenient departure point for your easy one day tour by car to explore other Venetian old towns all connected by a convenient highway: Venice (62 km), Padua (102 km), Vicenza (125 km), Belluno (41km), Asolo (61 km). [39] On 3 September, Italy signed an armistice with the Allies, ending her active participation in World War II. [31], Vittorio Veneto and Littorio participated in an unsuccessful sortie to intercept British forces on 22–25 August. It too ended without contact with the British fleet; neither side located the other, but Italian torpedo bombers hit Nelson. The ship's keel was laid down in October 1934, launched in July 1937, and readied for service with the Italian fleet by August 1940. L'ultimo ammainabandiera di Nave Vittorio Veneto. Vittorio Veneto was equipped with an anti-aircraft battery that comprised twelve 90 mm (3.5 in) /53 Model 1939 guns in single mounts, twenty 37 mm (1.5 in) /54 guns in eight twin and four single mounts, and sixteen 20 mm (0.79 in) /65 guns in eight twin mounts. She was designed with a standard displacement of 40,724 long tons (41,377 t), a violation of the 35,000-long-ton (36,000 t) restriction of the Washington Naval Treaty; at full combat loading, she displaced 45,236 long tons (45,962 t). Čanić, Dean (September 2014). [37], On 12 November, Vittorio Veneto was moved to Naples from Taranto in response to the Allied invasion of North Africa. Tipo nave da battaglia Classe Littorio Costruttori C.R.D.A. Both ships were moved to La Spezia the next day, with Vittorio Veneto providing cover for Giulio Cesare. The fitting-out process was greatly delayed due to repeated changes to the design and shortages of heavy armor plate. Die Vittorio Veneto war ein italienisches Schlachtschiff der Littorio-Klasse der Regia Marina im Zweiten Weltkrieg.Sie wurde nach der Schlacht von Vittorio Veneto im Ersten Weltkrieg benannt.. Bau. VITTORIO VENETO Regia Nave Ship 2 Oz Silver Coin 10$ Palau 2011. Sie führte zum Waffenstillstand von Villa Giusti bei Padua und zur Niederlage Österreich-Ungarns im Krieg gegen Italien. Vittorio Veneto was undamaged but Littorio—by now renamed Italia—was hit and damaged and her sister Roma was sunk in the attack. The engines provided a top speed of 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph) and a range of 3,920 mi (6,310 km; 3,410 nmi) at 20 kn (37 km/h; 23 mph). [12] The fleet would be supported by the Regia Aeronautica and the German Fliegerkorps X (10th Air Corps). [43] The battery surrendered without resistance to the Croatian National Guard on 14 September 1991, during the Croatian War of Independence,[44] and played a pivotal role in 16–22 September Battle of Šibenik, preventing the advance of the JNA on Šibenik and bottling up in harbor 34 Yugoslav Navy's patrol boats, one-fourth of the Yugoslav fleet, which were eventually seized by Croatian forces. "Prva pobjeda u obrani od velikosrpske agresije – šibenska bitka u rujnu 1991. godine". The secondary turrets had 280 mm thick faces and the conning tower had 260 mm (10 in) thick sides. Vittorio Veneto was the second member of the Littorio-class battleship that served in the Italian Regia Marina (Royal Navy) during World War II. She was named after the Italian victory at Vittorio Veneto during World War I, and she had three sister ships: Littorio, Roma, and Impero, though only Littorio and Roma were completed during the war. Die Vittorio Veneto wurde 1934 auf der Werft Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico in Triest auf Kiel gelegt. NAVE VITTORIO VENETO 1/700.The largest and most powerful warships ever built in Italy, the battleships of the Littorio class, were the first “35,000 tonners” to come under the provisions of the Washington Treaty. Vittorio Veneto was launched on 25 July 1937, and major construction was completed by October 1939. The word "Veneto", was attached to the city's name in 1923. Pranav Armin. They were returned to Naples six days later, however, after the high command concluded that removing the fleet to Sardinia would allow British convoys from Alexandria to reach Malta with relative ease. [34] She returned to Taranto for repairs, which lasted until early 1942. On 6 May, she was loaded with shells for her main battery; the loading work for the main and secondary guns lasted until 20 May. Before she could begin sea trials, Vittorio Veneto was moved to Venice on 4 October to have her bottom cleaned of the fouling that had accumulated during the long fitting-out period, since the Venice Arsenal had the only drydock in Italy long enough to accommodate a ship the size of the Littorio class. Six days later, Vittorio Veneto and the rest of the Italian fleet sailed for Malta, where they would be taken into internment for the remainder of the war. The most appropriate tribute to Vittorio Veneto, the lead ship of her class of battleships that served in the Italian Regia Marina during World War II. [33], On 13 December, she participated in another operation to escort a convoy to North Africa, but the attempt was broken off after a British radio deception effort convinced the Italians that the British fleet was in the area. [12], On 17 November, Vittorio Veneto and Giulio Cesare—the only operational Italian battleships—participated in an attempt to intercept the British Operation White convoy to Malta, though the forces made no contact. On the return voyage, another British air attack succeeded in torpedoing Littorio. Italian battleship Vittorio Veneto.png 2,007 × 1,369; 1.36 MB Italian Royal Navy officers in dress uniform standing on the poop deck of the battleship 'Vittorio Veneto'.jpg 800 × 545; 156 KB Re 2000 Catapultabile.jpg 1,000 × 584; 142 KB While the Italian fleet was withdrawing, Formidable launched another air strike of nine Swordfish in an attempt to slow Vittorio Veneto down. [2][3], Vittorio Veneto's main armament consisted of nine 381-millimeter (15.0 in) 50-caliber Model 1934 guns in three triple turrets; two turrets were placed forward in a superfiring arrangement and the third was located aft. April 1940, kurz nachdem Italien auf Seite der Achsenmächte in den Zweiten Weltkrieg eingetreten war. She spent 1941 and early 1942 attempting to attack British convoys to Malta, but crippling fuel shortages in the Italian fleet curtailed activity thereafter. Vittorio Veneto Tourism: Tripadvisor has 9,998 reviews of Vittorio Veneto Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Vittorio Veneto resource. The new battleship moved to Trieste on 19 October, and her trials began on 23 October. [8], On 17 October, with the cleaning completed, the dockyard personnel flooded the drydock to conduct stability tests. Nach dem Waffenstillstand zwischen Italien und den Alliierten am 8. Vittorio Veneto was now the only operational battleship in the fleet. Later in the afternoon Formidable launched a second strike, and at 15:10 one of her Swordfish hit Vittorio Veneto on her port side, aft. [4] EC 3 ter Gufo radar, which could detect surface targets at a range of 30 kilometers (19 mi) and aircraft at 80 km (50 mi), was installed in July 1943. 4, ausgerüstet. [29] Vittorio Veneto meanwhile reached Taranto on 29 March, where repairs lasted until July. Der Stapellauf war am 25. The first wave struck at 20:35, followed by the second about an hour later. Some forward and starboard voids were counter-flooded to reduce the list. Roma, Liste der Schlachtschiffklassen der Regia Marina, Marine-Enzyklopädie des Zweiten Weltkriegs (englisch),,_1940)&oldid=206135832, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. 1:09. Vittorio Veneto is surrounded by hills with fields, vineyards and forests, and also by mountains 1500msl: for this reason is a paradise for those who enjoy walking and cycling. Iachino attempted to maneuver Vittorio Veneto to the east of the British cruisers while they were distracted with Sansonetti's cruisers, but HMS Orion spotted the battleship before she could close the trap. She evaded the torpedoes, but the attack convinced Iachino that the Mediterranean Fleet was at sea, which prompted him to end the operation and return to port. Vittorio Veneto took on a 3.5 degree list to port and was down by 2.2 m (7 ft 3 in) by the stern. 23 Personen sprechen darüber. Littorio | The British escort included the aircraft carrier Ark Royal, the battleship Ramillies, and the battlecruiser Renown; Italian aerial reconnaissance detected the escorts but exaggerated their strength and Campioni, under orders to not risk his two operational battleships against equal or stronger opponents, broke off the engagement shortly after it began. [12][23][24] Giulio Cesare was back in service by early February, as was Andrea Doria. [7] Her keel was laid on 28 October 1934 at Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico in Trieste, the same day as her sister ship Littorio. [38] An American air raid on the harbor on 4 December prompted the Italians to withdraw the fleet to La Spezia, where it remained for the rest of Italy's active participation in the war. [42] Twelve 90 mm anti-aircraft guns taken from Vittorio Veneto were reused by the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) as armament of its Žirje Island coastal artillery battery. [25], During this period of the battle, torpedo bombers from the carrier HMS Formidable arrived on the scene, and their attack forced Vittorio Veneto to break off the engagement with the British cruisers to take evasive action. Poor visibility and smokescreens hampered the accuracy of Vittorio Veneto's gunners and they scored no hits, though they straddled the cruisers several times. [18] The morning after the Taranto raid, Vittorio Veneto led the Italian fleet to Naples. Early in the war, she participated in the Battle of Cape Spartivento in November 1940 and the Battle of Cape Matapan in March 1941. Tipo nave da battaglia Classe Littorio Costruttori C.R.D.A. Later that day, she was transferred to Taranto, escorted by the destroyers Ascari and Carabiniere, where she joined the 9th Division of the Italian fleet. Impero | Juli 1937, die Indienststellung erfolgte am 28. REGIA MARINA . 5 years ago | 22 views. It also caused severe flooding—some 4,000 long tons (4,100 t) of water entered the ship—which gave her a 4–4.5 degree list to port, and forced her to stop for about ten minutes. Dieses von Navalmeccanica in Castellammare di Stabia bei Neapel gebaute Schiff war besonders für die U-Boot-Jagd und für Führungsaufgaben konzipiert. Browse more videos. Vittorio Veneto saw extensive service during the war. Her secondary anti-surface armament consisted of twelve 152 mm (6.0 in) /55 Model 1934/35 guns in four triple turrets placed at the corners of her superstructure. [23] On the night of 8–9 January 1941, the British launched an air raid with Vickers Wellington bombers on the Italian fleet in Naples, but the aircraft again failed to hit Vittorio Veneto; Giulio Cesare was slightly damaged by several near misses. Die Stadt ist Sitz des römisch-katholischen Bistums Vittorio Veneto, dessen Kathedrale Santa Maria Assunta im Stadtteil Cèneda steht. La nave da battaglia Vittorio Veneto fu una nave della Regia Marina italiana appartenente alla classe Littorio e rappresentò il meglio della produzione navale bellica italiana della seconda guerra mondiale.Pur essendo considerata la seconda unità della Classe Littorio fu la prima ad essere consegnata, tanto che la classe a volte è anche chiamata Classe Vittorio Veneto. [12][16] In this operation, the Italian Regia Aeronautica (Royal Air Force) did locate the convoy, but the British were able to evade the Italian fleet. [30] She was not fully operational again until August. Vittorio Veneto went to Augusta, Sicily before moving to La Spezia on 14 October. That bomb passed through the ship and exploded under the hull, causing serious structural damage. The ship was powered by four Belluzo geared steam turbines rated at 128,000 shaft horsepower (95,000 kW). [35], On 14 June, Vittorio Veneto participated in the interception of the Operation Vigorous convoy to Malta from Alexandria. L'ultimo ammainabandiera di Nave Vittorio Veneto. Vittorio Veneto briefly engaged several British cruisers at the extreme range 27,000 metres (17 miles). Twenty-one Swordfish torpedo bombers launched from the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious attacked the Italian fleet in two waves.

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